Once "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" leaves the theater, that'll be it for the "Twilight" series, right?  Maybe not.

The movie studio Lions Gate recently purchased Summit Entertainment, the company that makes the "Twilight" flicks. And Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer wants to squeeze a little more cash out of the franchise.

He says,

"I'm anticipating 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' being $700 million-plus in worldwide box office.  It's hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn't have ongoing value. It's an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration.  So the simple answer is 'Boy I hope so.'"

He also hinted that there could be a "Twilight" TV series (we can see Tony Kerns setting his DVR now). When asked about that possibility, he said, "I would certainly hope so."

The final film in the "Twilight" series is still almost a year away.  It's hitting theaters next November.

Okay, "Twilight" fans - what do you think?  Do you want more "Twilight", or do you think it would just be a crappy money-grab for them to extend or spin off the franchise?