Just days after their pregnancy announcement went viral, Sam and Nia have announced that Nia had a miscarriage.

Sam and Nia gained attention when they posted a pregnancy announcement video with the usual roles swapped, with Sam surprising Nia with the news that she's pregnant.  The couple's video was viewed over 10 million times in just two days.  Unfortunately, two days later Sam and Nia posted another video breaking the unfortunate news to their followers,

The emptiness and heartache that comes with a miscarriage came as a total shock, and we are coping with this, but wanted to include you.  There is a stigma regarding miscarriage that says we need to be alone in it and keep it private, but what happened is nothing less than losing a baby. The hurt and pain is real.

Sam and Nia have said that while they are just trying to get through this ordeal with the help of friends and family, they still intend on having a child.

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