When some college students recently got together to have a party, they didn’t know they would need to mooove over to make room for some party crashers. Some cows in Boxford, Massachusetts, made their way out of their pasture and wandered into the party, disrupting the festivities while they drank up all the beer they could get hold of.

After they got bored with one party, they traveled to a neighbor’s house and that’s when 911 was called. The cows are quite friendly, so they didn’t pose a threat to people as they enjoyed their night out, but now they’re back in their own pasture and an electric fence is being put up.

I wasn’t aware the cows enjoyed beer, but I suppose it is a tasty beverage so it only makes sense that they would want to partake in a few licks.

In my own yard I’ve never seen anything really out of the ordinary. A rabbit or a turkey are the strangest creatures I’ve seen come through, and they aren’t that strange. Have you had an experience where an animal wandered onto your property when it shouldn’t have? Did you hand it a beer or run screaming?