If you count the Rocky movies, the Creed franchise has been going on in one form or another for nearly 50 years now. The third Creed is due out in theaters this weekend, and it’s already gotten very solid reviews from critics. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of movies, but one expects the film to perform well in theaters.

So what’s next for Creed? You’d assume a Creed IV at some point, although they’ll have to come up with a totally new story for this one because the obvious plotline for a Creed IV — with Adonis Creed confronting the guy who killed his dad, Ivan Drago — was actually the premise of Creed II. Still, it seems pretty obvious to make more of these movies, given how popular they have perpetually proven with critics and audiences.

But it seems like the franchise’s star (and now its director) Michael B. Jordan has even bigger plans than that. Hyping Creed III, he told Extra that he thinks it’s time for a whole universe based around Creed. As he put it...

I think the idea behind possibly where this character can go and also just the world the Creedverse as a whole… There's so many different platforms where these stories can be told, you know… whether it's a spin-off of the TV show, whether it's you know the animation or graphic novel or a video game.

I think you could absolutely spin off Jonathan Majors’ character from the new Creed into his own TV show or movie or comic; he’s certainly worthy of that sort of focus. As for other characters who could merit making a whole “universe” out of ... uh ... maybe a young Apollo Creed story? Showing his rise to the top? That could be interesting. I think I would rather just see another Creed movie about Jordan’s character, though.

Creed III opens in theaters this Friday.

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