Last week, there was a creepy clown spotted in Plano, but it turns out that was Plano, Kentucky. Well, we have more reports of potentially dangerous people dressed as clowns in Texas, and this time they may be responsible for several Dallas school lockdowns.

Dallas ISD confirmed it is currently investigating "clown threats" against various campuses including Grady Spruce, Carter, Madison and Skyline high schools.

A student from Grady Spruce high school in Dallas told Fox4 he saw a clown in the school parking lot tying balloons to cars.

School officials did confirm that some schools were on lockdown Monday morning, but clowns are not the sole reason. They said some schools were on lockdown due to routine drug dog checks.

The Fort Worth, Richardson and Saginaw school districts said they are also investigating similar threats on social media.

To the people that are terrified of clowns, this sounds like your worst nightmare. Hopefully, these stories come to an end sooner, rather than later.

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