Oh boy. We understand what it’s like to be a fan of a celebrity — heck, we’d walk from New York to California if it meant getting to meet Britney Spears or Adam Levine, but this is a little excessive. There’s a man out there who voluntarily got 15 Miley Cyrus-related tattoos in order to prove he’s her biggest fan. Oh, and the dude’s gotta be in his 30s… easily!

No, we’re not sure if Carl is his first or last name based on his Twitter username @MileyCyrusCarlx, but we’re just going to refer to him as Carl from now on. Here’s how Carl’s “About Me” on Twitter reads: Miley Cyrus u are a Miracle. I love u so much x nobody is more beautiful & talented & sexy as u. I have 15 tattoos of u! There’s an Angel in LA xxxx. He’s from Bridlington in the U.K., and amazingly has 945 followers, who are apparently entertained by his stalker-ish behavior.

Every single one of Carl’s pictures on his account are of Miley Cyrus — from newspaper clippings, recent pictures, and creepiest of all, pictures of Miley from when she was just a 2-year-old. It’s kind of stalkerish and very weird, but we’re sure Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth will protect her from this questionable character.