Police are looking for a North Texas man who was caught on video assaulting the waitstaff at an Arlington restaurant.

KXAS is reporting that on Thursday April 7th, a customer assaulted the staff at the Crab Station, which is a seafood restaurant located on the 1100 block of East Pioneer Parkway in Arlington.  On Monday law enforcement released the surveillance video of the altercation between the customer, and the restaurant’s staff. While the video doesn’t have any audio, witnesses have told investigators that the customer was very upset with his order, and voiced his displeasure with the employees.

According to the police report, the customer wasn’t satisfied with his order and became extremely upset with the restaurant's waitstaff over the food.  Employees told police that after they brought the food to the customer’s table, he immediately replied with “What’s this?” before he assaulted the employee.

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The surveillance video shows, the customer sitting at his table conversing with two employees about his order.  Then out of frustration, the customer leaps out of his chair and shoves one of the employees to the ground.  In fact, he pushed him so hard that the employee crashed into another table before hitting the floor. Law enforcement also released another portion of the surveillance video which shows a clear picture of the suspect's face.

Arlington police are asking anyone who recognizes the customer shown in the surveillance video to contact them as soon as possible.  Anyone who can identify the suspect can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County.

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