Okay, we know what you’re thinking — not another ‘Frozen’ lip-sync video! But we promise this dad and daughter version will have you grinning from ear-to-ear from the cuteness.

Jade and her dad Alex take on ‘Love is an Open Door’ from Disney’s hit animated movie ‘Frozen,’ proving themselves huge fans of the film with their well-practiced lip-syncing and hand movements. And who isn’t a huge fan? Based on all of the ‘Frozen’ videos going viral, it’s clear the movie is a smash hit.

The best part of this latest lip-sync video is that Jade could totally be a young Anna, the protagonist of the fantasy movie. Her long red hair and cute blue dress have her looking like a very convincing little girl version of the princess.

We’ve also got to hand it to Dad — he can hold his own next to Jade, meaning he’s sat through the movie and soundtrack just as many times as his daughter. He also gets a round of applause for taking on the role of singing partner in this adorable video.

Check out Alex and Jade sing ‘Love is an Open Door’ up above!

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