I don't know what the announced attendance was for Sunday's game, but we almost added one to the overall total.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Newest Dallas Cowboys Fan

Looks like Tyler Waterman and Haley Waterman are a house divided. Tyler is a big New England Patriots fan while Haley is the sane one in the relationship rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. On Sunday the two teams took each other on and when the Cowboys scored their first offensive touchdown, something magical happened.

This Play Lead to a New Baby Into the World

Apparently Haley stood up to cheer for the touchdown and her water broke. Tyler is thankful he had an excuse to leave early since his Patriots were getting absolutely dominated by the Cowboys. Early the next morning, the Watermans officially brought in their newest fan into the world who is named Delaney. She came three weeks early into the world, but I guess she wanted to what everyone was yelling about on Sunday.

Check Out Photos from the Stadium and the Hospital Below

So the question now is...will Delaney be a Cowboys fan or a Patriots fan. Mom says she will let Delaney decide, but I am sure Dad will try to corrupt her to the dark side if I had to guess. Hopefully Jerry Jones sees this and sends a care package to the family. Get some good karma on the Cowboys side in picking the future of this fan.

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