How in the hell does a ref allow this to happen?

It has been a tough year for my Dallas Mavericks. The team is currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference, which means right now they would be in that one game play in tournament. At this point, every win is important in this season. Last night, the Dallas Mavericks met up with the Golden State Warriors. If you remember, they knocked the Mavericks out of the Western Conference Finals last year.

So What Happened?

The video above breaks down what happened in the third quarter. The ball is out of bounds and it appears to be Warriors ball, the Mavericks call a timeout and the ref signals that the Mavericks called a timeout. Now in this confusion, some thought the ref signaled Mavs ball and not Mavs timeout. The in arena announcer said Mavs ball. So the team goes to the huddle since they called a timeout. Then this happened.

The Mavs think is is their ball so they're on the other side of the court waiting to get the ball so they can inbound it after the timeout. The ref tosses the ball to the Warriors and they score a quick two points. Everyone on the Mavs sideline is shocked as to what just happened. Even Mark Cuban went to the scorer's table and said, 'Didn't you announce it was Mavs ball?'

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The Mavs are getting roasted for allowing the easy bucket last night, but I really don't think it's their fault. It was announced Mavs ball in the arena and the ref never clarified things during the timeout. Mark Cuban is not one to shy away from commenting on his team's game said this after the game.

With less than two seconds left in the game. Dallas Maverick's own Luka Doncic did a little money gesture towards the referees, which I imagine a fine will be coming in the next day or so for that.

The Mavericks have some very winnable games coming up which include back to back with the Charlotte Hornets next, who are pretty terrible this season. Hopefully they sweep those final two with them and get some wins against the Spurs, Bulls and Pacers who are pretty bad this year. You have to win the games against these bad opponents if you want a shot at the playoffs this year.

Get ready, these final weeks of the season will get interesting.

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