Is there a market for another professional football team in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex?

On Thursday, the 'NFL On CBS' sent out a tweet asking a hypothetical question.  The tweet asked what city deserved an NFL expansion team the most.  It got thousands of likes and retweets from its followers. Several fans replied with San Diego or St. Louis since both markets lost their teams to Los Angeles a few years ago. Other followers suggested either Austin or San Antonio, which many fans believe could support an NFL team.

However, one of the most notable replies was from Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.  The mayor's tweet suggested that southern Dallas would be the perfect candidate for a new NFL expansion team.   He stated that the Dallas Fort Worth area is about to pass the Chicago area as the third largest metro in the country.  This would make Dallas-Fort Worth the largest market with only one professional football team.

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Both New York and Los Angeles have two NFL teams.  The Chargers and The Rams both play in L.A., while The Jets and The Giants call New York home.  Mayor Johnson believes that since football is king in Texas, two professional football teams would find more success in the DFW metroplex, than in New York or Los Angeles.

He also added that since the Dallas Cowboys play in the NFC, and AFC expansion team would be ideal for the city.  He suggested that either the Chargers or the Jaguars which are both AFC teams, could move to southern Dallas and find success.

In fact, there’s already a football stadium in southern Dallas that’s vacant during most of the year.  The Cotton Bowl could easily be renovated to the NFL’s specifications, and serve as the home for another football team.  The Dallas Cowboys played in the Cotton Bowl from the team’s formation in 1960 until 1971.  In addition to the Red River Rivalry, the State Fair Classic, and a few concerts, the stadium sits vacant for a majority of the year.

While the Cowboys have a pretty loyal fanbase in the DFW metroplex and across the state of Texas, some fans have been disappointed in the team.  Many fans have been critical of Jerry Jones's decisions over the years.  Plus, the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since the mid-nineties.  The last time the Cowboys appeared in a Super Bowl was in 1996 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Fortunately, the Cowboys won that game 27-17.

If the NFL ever grants Dallas an expansion team, would it hurt the Cowboy's attendance and support?  Would the Dallas Cowboys end up changing their name to the Texas Cowboys, or the Fort Worth Cowboys?  Let us know what you think, by messaging us in the station app.

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