Here we go again.

I’ll admit to living in a music and sports bubble. I don’t watch the news and haven’t in years. Mainly because every day is Halloween for those people. Trust me – the saying “if it bleeds it leads” is real.

And yes, I know it’s odd hearing this from a media member.

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But I’m no journalist. I’m a rock radio personality who found myself in the position of content creator. Sure, I report some hard news at the local level. But I’m typically having a little fun commenting on something ridiculous I came across on the internet.

Anyway, about the whole “living in a bubble” thing. I had no earthly idea India had enacted an export ban on rice. So, I was surprised when I came across a video of people panic buying rice in Dallas.

Of course, rice is a staple dish in many cultures. And according to CNBC, India is the world’s leading exporter of rice. This means we’ll once be dealing with a food shortage, something that has become far too common since the COVID lockdowns started in the spring of 2020.

The thing that gets me is that even though this is nothing new, people have yet to have learned their lesson. Certainly, we can agree that panic buying only makes the situation worse.

Yet you can always count on people rushing out to the grocery store and buying up as much of a product as they can as soon as they hear the word “shortage.”

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