This is one dedicated fan.

Last night the Dallas Stars evened their playoff series against the St. Louis Blues. I was at the game and FINALLY got to see my Stars win a playoff game. I am now 1-4 for a playoff record (I know it's not good). The only negative thing to last night was the weather. Dallas was in a severe thunderstorm warning and a flash flood watch last night.

It was pouring down rain and felt like I just rode Splash Mountain when I got back to my car. That rain didn't stop one fan though. In case you didn't know this, some fans set up a chair in the concourse of the AAC to watch the game. It is encouraged during the playoffs and saw many fans doing this before the game.

Turns out, one fan stuck through the pouring down rain to watch the Stars win last night. No one knows who this fan is that the local news team across the street snapped a photo of. The Dallas Stars are trying to find out and hook them up with tickets to the game on Sunday.

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