The Stars have been teasing for a few weeks that something was happening today. With other NHL teams announcing new alternate jerseys, the Stars were next up to show theirs off.

I'm a big fan of alternate jerseys for my favorite sports teams. I recently purchased a Dallas Stars Winter Classic jersey. So when I heard another new jersey was coming out, I began questioning my decision. Today we got our first look at the blackout jersey. Apparently fans have been complaining about not having a black jersey for the Stars.

Chicago Blackhawks v Dallas Stars
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Really? I love the Victory Green look, I actually think the Stars black jersey that just said Dallas on the front is one of the worst looks. “The fans that spoke to our merch team daily were asking for a black alternate third,” Stars senior vice president of marketing Dan Stuchal said. “Over and over and over again. We listened, and we think we answered that request in a pretty bold and impressive way.”

The most notable difference is the neon green that they're calling skyline green. Definitely inspired by the Bank of America building in downtown Dallas. You may know it as the green building. The NHL policy on alternate jerseys is that they can only be used 15-20 games during the season.

The alternate jerseys will also be the teams design for the next three years. Me personally, I think it's fine. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It's just meh. Don't get me wrong, I will probably buy a t shirt with this new design on it, but I'm not spending jersey money on this.

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