Some folks were mad when this got taken down. Well, now you can own it.

Back in September 2017, the city of Dallas removed a Robert E. Lee statue from an Oak Lawn park. The city of Dallas was looking for a museum to take the statue, but couldn't find any takers. The city will be having an auction for the statue now, but it does have some rules behind it.

The statue will have a starting bid of $450,000, that is what the city paid to remove it. The statue has been valued as high as one million dollars. The city is trying to make their money back from the removal since many are mad that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars went to this removal. The other rule is, the winning bidder for the statue will be required never to display it publicly within Dallas city limits.

A lawsuit from Confederacy history supporters is currently preventing the auction from happening since they're trying to get the statue put back in the park. Once that lawsuit is over, this auction should be taking place.

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