Voter fraud is voter fraud and it doesn't matter what party you voted for. You should face the consequences.

Since the 2020 election Texas' Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has emphasized that widespread voter fraud was going on throughout the country. He said he set aside one million dollars for tips that come in with hard evidence of voter fraud throughout the country. Looks like Dan finally had someone take him up on his offer. However, it's probably not what Dan was looking for.

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Looks like someone caught a Republican voter cheating the system. Now it looks like a year after the 2020 election, five cases of voter fraud came up in Pennsylvania. Four of those were apparently Republican voters. 72-year-old Ralph Thurman was busted voting twice on Election Day. Once for himself and then another time as his son, who is a registered Democrat, Ralph is a registered Republican.

Ralph was caught by pole worker Eric Frank who has been trying for awhile now to get his money from Dan Patrick. Patrick never said anything about Democratic voter fraud, it was just voter fraud. Eric finally got his $25,000 check from Dan Patrick's office. According to a spokesperson, Eric Frank is the only person to claim any of this bounty in the past few years.

Eric didn't receive a bigger payout because the money is being reserved for more tips in the future. We will see if anything else comes in, but I'm glad to see Patrick paid up even if it hurt his side of the aisle.

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