If you’re one of the zillions of girls who lust after One Direction‘s Harry Styles, you’re in luck — because you can buy his love … for cheap, too!

Styles is the subject of a new iTunes app, entitled ‘Harry Styles: My Boyfriend.’ For 69 pence (roughly $1.12 in USD), you can woo the mop-topped ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singer. MTV U.K. reports that in the app, girls can go on dates with Styles until he falls in love with them and proposes. You can choose coffee or dinner with Styles, and if you pay a bit extra, you can even lock lips with him!

This should make Directioners happy, as Hazza has been breaking hearts left and right. While stars like Rihanna and Taylor Swift expressed crushes on the ‘X Factor U.K.’ alum, he was recently spotted swapping spit with New Zealand model Emma Ostilly.

Based on the band’s skyrocketing popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if Harry’s app was the next Angry Birds.