Ready to go toe to toe with Grave Digger. 

Monster trucks are something we all wish we could own. Well, a group of students in an auto tech class in Decatur decided to build their very own monster truck. “We tried to do something nobody has ever built before and I think we accomplished that,” said Seth Sirman, Decatur High School senior.

The local superintendent also says in all his years he has never seen a group of students do anything like this. This bad boy has six doors, is as tall as an eighteen wheeler, and as loud as an airplane. The students put some serious work into this thing. It's basically three vehicles in one. It’s a five-ton 1984 military truck, then ‘84 and ‘87 Crew Cab Chevrolets that the boys stretched and pieced together

The boys will be taking the truck down to College Station and compete for $10,000 in the Spirit of Texas Festival. The boys will be selling the truck at the end of the semester to raise money for next year's project. They think the truck is worth between $30,000-$35,000.

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