Pop stars covering other pop stars' songs is not a new convention, especially in the digital, plugged-in age. But when Demi Lovato tackles an Ed Sheeran song, it's an event. Lovato blew the roof off with her version of Sheeran's gorgeous '+' track 'Give Me Love.' Like wow. Seriously.

When Lovato covered Sheeran's beautiful ballad for iHeart Radio, she prefaced the song by telling the assembled crowd of fans, the members of which had their cell phones in their air -- capturing the moment to either post online or to relive it after the moment had passed -- how much she loved the song.

"This is one of my favorite songs and this song means everything to me," Lovato said before launching into the song. Clearly, she connected with it and she relayed that in her rendition.

We're used to Lovato's bouncy and lovelorn songs, from 'Give Your Heart a Break' to 'Heart Attack' to 'Skyscraper.' But to hear her get breathy and emotionally naked, and to even carry the notes a little longer and in vibrato fashion, while using her hands and her eyes and her smile to communicate during the performance, made it that much more powerful.

We bet E. Sheeran would give this performance two enthusiastic thumbs up. Lovato can sing better than most of her peers and this song is evidence of her vocal power.

The coda at 3:45 in or so allows Demi to show off her Janis Joplin powerhouse side. Dayum, girl! We're not worthy.