Has Khloe Kardashian found a rebellious way to celebrate her newfound single status? Did she get a chest tattoo, nestled between her lovely lady lumps?

Well, sure, at first glance, it looks like she did. But upon closer inspection, the cross between Khloe's boobies does not look real at all. The lines are imperfect and smudgy and to be honest, a between-da-boobs inking doesn't seem like her style.

She shared pictures of her bodacious tatas while on vacation. Notice there are two Ks on her hands, too. Looks like our gal Khloe was having fun and being playful without the commitment of having the real thing permanently etched onto her body in a place that ages quickly.

Her little sis Kendall Jenner showed off a major but fake tattoo last week. Are the Kardashians kicking off a trend with fake ink? Is this going to become a "thing" for the summer of 2014? You never know. It remains to be seen!

She just bought Justin Bieber's former Calabasas crib and she can certainly do some entertaining and have some fun sleepovers! Oh, and speaking of Biebs and cross tattoos, he has one on his upper chest plate. So he and Khloe have similar taste in ink (fake or not) and homes.