A guest at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom witnessed an unusual accident that led to a new hat.

Affixed with large, orb-like bulbs, dark green light fixtures line the area around the bus depot outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. On May 1, Twitter user @GrandCalStan posted a photo of him near the outdoor bus terminal holding one of the larger-than-life light fixtures that somewhat resemble fishbowls.

It's unknown how exactly the bulb broke off from the fixture in the first place, but @GrandCalStan joked that it was his fault.

"I broke it," he simply captioned his tweet.

When fellow Twitter users questioned how he supposedly broke the light, he replied, "IT JUST HAPPENED OK" and "I DIDN'T MEAN TO." However, he later admitted that he didn't actually break the lamp; he just found it that way.

"I love how people think I was SERIOUS," he tweeted, clarifying, "And there’s people getting mad cause they think I actually broke it. Like naw I even brought it to GR after I saw it on the ground after the storm passed."

In a series of follow-up tweets, it turned out that he discovered the fixture on the pavement.

Subsequently, he decided to wear the bulb as a hat, as well as snap some photos of the fashion statement.

After he adorned his head with the bulb for a photo op, he brought it to Cast Members. According to one Cast Member, they were "cracking up" backstage after seeing the photo.

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