Good news/bad news, this situation kind of is.

First, the good news: If you are desperate for any kind of Baby Yoda merchandise in your life, Disney has finally released the first wave of it on its official online store. There you will find a variety of T-shirts, tank tops, and assorted apparel — most featuring the same concept art of “The Child,” as Baby Yoda is officially known. There are also a few different mugs and cups, a tote bag, and some phone cases, just in case you want to let everyone know you’re watching The Mandalorian on your phone when you are watching The Mandalorian on your phone.

However, there is a conspicuous absence of any kind of Baby Yoda toys. No plushies, no stuffies, no action figures, no fashion dolls, no hood ornaments, no nothing. That’s because there simply aren’t any right now. According to Vanity Fair, Hasbro confirmed that they will not have Baby Yoda products available this Christmas season. You’ll have to wait for those in 2020. (There are ... ways to get a Baby Yoda, but you’ll need to search a little harder.)

There is an interesting Catch-22 at work here. Fans are desperate for Baby Yoda merchandise, in part because the show held back the character and made his role a huge surprise. If Baby Yoda hadn’t been a surprise, fans might not love the character so much — but then they also might have been able to get their hands on a toy version of him by now, because his identity wouldn’t have had to be so closely guarded. I still say the solution to all of this is probably a Baby Yoda Early Bird Certificate Package. Empty boxes for all under the tree this year! Or just be patient and wait until 2020 to get one. Jedis probably love patience, right?

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