I love my car when it’s all cleaned up. My car isn’t anything special, but it’ll get a bath, I’ll vacuum it, detail the dash and wipe away all of the dust, and it’s a thing of beauty. Then, inevitably, within a couple of hours, I have a huge splatter of bird poo somewhere on the car. Does this sound familiar to you? New research is showing that the color of your car may actually attract bird poo.

The study was done over a two-day period on 1,100 cars, and researchers broke down the colors in which birds prefer to drop their bird bombs:

Red vehicles: 18%

Blue vehicles: 14%

Black vehicles: 11%

White vehicles: 7%

Silver or grey vehicles: 3%

Green vehicles: 1%

Basically, those of us out there with red or blue cars should just give up the battle now, whereas those with green cars are virtually in the clear. The study notes that it’s not clear as to why birds prefer certain colors over others, and that the birds themselves weren’t interviewed as part of the study.

A spokesman added that the amount of poo your car collects could have more to do with where you’re parking. If you’re under a shady tree, chances are you’ll end up with more of those messy blotches than if you were in the middle of the parking lot. Either way, fate dictates that you will end up with bird crap on your car at some point or another.