Duane "Dog" Chapman's 35-year-old daughter secretly married Leiana Evensen in Hawaii earlier this month. The two brides were joined by seven close family members, but not the Dog the Bounty Hunter star.

At her @MsLyssaC Instagram page, Chapman (now Lyssa Chapman Evensen) shared photos from the ceremony, as well as video of their first kiss as wife and wife, and the celebration that followed. By all descriptions, it was a low-key affair.

"With our feet in the water, we connected ourselves to the power and vastness of the ocean," Lyssa writes." We were hugged by the majestic Ko’olau mountain range, that will continue hugging us as we live and spend the rest of our lives together at Makaalamihi."

"It was literally a dream day," she adds. "The best part is @leiana13 is my freaking WIFE !! I’m so happy, blessed, filled with love and gratitude. I never thought I was worthy or capable of this kind of love. The vibration I feel in my body hasn’t stopped since I met her and if you’re reading this from a dark place know that your happy beginning is out there somewhere too."

Lyssa is Dog's daughter with his third wife, to whom he was married from 1982 to 1991. People shares that Lyssa's two daughters joined the wedding party, as did her new in-laws. Dog was not able to come, but not because he didn't care or because he objected.

Father and daughter were on the phone via FaceTime with each other all morning, Lyssa shares, and his energy was present throughout the day.

"It's really, really hard for him to come back to Hawaii," she tells People, making reference to the death of his wife Beth in June 2019. The couple lived in Hawaii for their entire marriage, and since then, he has moved permanently to Colorado and lives with his wife Francie Frane.

Lyssa Chapman's wedding took place on June 3, but photos and accounts of it didn't appear until June 7. Duane Chapman hasn't mentioned it on his social media pages, but his daughter assures fans that he's never been anything but supportive of her relationship with her new bride. Last fall, he was accused by daughter Bonnie of making homophobic remarks.

Evensen shared a similar batch of photos on her Instagram page, with more detail and her own personal message for her new wife.

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