Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and Francie Frane are getting married in just over one week, but two of his kids won't be there. Daughter Bonnie Chapman and adopted step-daughter Cecily weren't invited, and they're pretty sure they know why.

After Cecily Chapman's initial speculation that it was because they reminded their dad too much of his late wife Beth, Bonnie told TMZ that her and Cecily's support of the Black Lives Matter movement has created a rift. Responses to that accusation from other members of the family show that at the very least, the reality television star is uncomfortable with their alignment with a network that fired him in the spring. For example, the following is what Lyssa Chapman thinks. She is Dog's daughter from a previous relationship.

The full thread echoes the idea that Bonnie and Cecily are being groomed by the producers of the failed bounty hunting program Dog Unleashed. They currently have a show on Unleashed TV called The System that's focused on racial justice. During the TMZ interview, Bonnie repeats that her dad was fired in part for racist and homophobic comments, something producers said at the time without offering details.

TMZ also shares a screenshot of a text message, allegedly from Frane to Bonnie, that affirms their connection to UTV is why they won't be invited (other family members, particularly Beth and Duane Chapman's son Garry, were invited). "First I'd like to say that playing dumb does not suit you at all," she begins, before saying Cecily's statement about being too much like Beth is wrong.

"So let's not beat around the bush, you & Cecily both know you haven't been invited to the wedding because your (sic) living under the same roof with the people who stabbed in the back, robbed, lied, manipulated, smeared his name and tried to ruin his career," Frane texted, allegedly.

Lastly, Duane himself talked to TMZ, saying his two daughters are being groomed. He asked for prayers to end "whatever hold these people have on them."

In 2007, A&E put Dog the Bounty Hunter on hold indefinitely after Chapman was recorded using the N-word during a conversation with his son. The show eventually resumed.

Chapman and Frane became engaged in May 2020, less than one year after Beth Chapman's death. Her husband also died shortly before their meeting.

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