One of the greatest kid's game shows of all time is hitting the road and won't be too far away from us.

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90's, Double Dare needs no introduction. Kids would compete in a game show where trivia questions were asked. If you didn't know the answer, you could dare the other team. They would then get to answer the question for double the points. If they didn't know, they could DOUBLE dare you for double those points.


If you then didn't know, you had to do a physical challenge. It would be like, your teammate is gonna wear a toilet lit on there head, you have to use this slingshot to fling sponges through the toilet lid. You need to get three in before the time runs out. If you did, you got those points. If you didn't, the opposing team got the points.

Team with the most points at the end of the show got to do the obstacle course, which is what we all remember. Eight obstacles with a flag 'hidden' somewhere in it. For every flag you got, you would receive a prize. Get all eight in under 60 seconds, you get the grand prize.


Back in the day, if you wanted to be on the show, you went to Universal Studios. Sadly, the Nickelodeon Studios closed down for The Blue Man Group. I'm sure that is really bringing in the dough, the freaking Blue Man group. Double Dare is back with new episodes now, but is filmed on the CBS lot in Hollywood. Not the same as going to a theme park during the day, then have a chance to be on a Nickelodeon game show.

Enough with my rambling about my childhood, you want to know about this Double Dare Live. It is the same show we grew up watching, just traveling around the country. With original host Marc Summers, he's the man when it came to Nickelodeon game shows. I am excited to announce it won't be too far away from us.


April 13, 2019, at The Grand Theatre in Grand Prarie, Texas. It will also be in Austin, Texas on April 14 at The Bass Concert Hall. If you want a chance to be on the game show, you need to register beforehand. I, unfortunately, do not know how much tickets are going to cost because they go on sale tomorrow. It looks like in other cities they have gone between 35-55 dollars.

This looks like a great way to relive your childhood if you grew up watching Nickelodeon. Now if only they can give me a Legends of the Hidden Temple Live so I can assemble that silver monkey correctly, my life would be complete.

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