Internet trolls are always quick to insult, but why don't they try performing on a huge stage in front of thousands of people?

For the past few years, clips of Dua Lipa dancing and performing on stage have circulated on social media, where they've been mercilessly meme'd and turned into GIFs, with many fans and haters alike making fun of the pop star's moves.

Thankfully, Lipa has taken it all in stride with the knowledge that what doesn't kill you on social media only makes you stronger on stage.

In a recent Instagram story, the pop star addressed the many not-so-nice comments and memes about her dance floor abilities, revealing that she was able to push through the bullying to see the silver lining — and get better in the process.

The "Levitating" singer began by thanking her most loyal fans for their support over the past four years. (Lipa released her debut self-titled album four years ago on June 2, 2017.)

"I'm so grateful for all the incredible opportunities; all the amazing people I met; all the incredible lessons that I learned; touring for like, three years," Lipa said, per BuzzFeed.

She then shared how getting bullied for her dancing only made her want to dance more.

"Getting bullied online ... made me want to dance my a-- off and just really get better," she said. "So, thank you so much — for all things good and bad, for helping me grow. I'm forever grateful."

So, if you ever find yourself thinking about posting a snarky comment about Dua Lipa's dancing skills online, don't start now... because she's already over it.

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