It's a Christmas miracle everybody! Our boy has not been destroyed.

The saga of Dumpster Rick has been a touchy situation for me the past month or so. When we originally reported to you about Dumpster Rick I was so excited. I love Rick and Morty, so does some artist in Wichita Falls. They painted this dumpster in an alley near the 900 block of Indiana and Scott.

I was so happy about this, something cool in Wichita Falls with Rick and Morty. Sadly, Dumpster Rick was removed a few days later. Someone (If it is an elected official that got this removed, I will do everything in my power to get you out of your position) took down my man. Screw you honestly, this dumpster is harming no one.

I was told what about kids, they shouldn't be subjected to Rick and Morty's antics. Really, you have your kids roaming around downtown Wichita Falls? Sounds like you're a crappy parent if your kid is roaming the alleys of downtown. This dumpster is awesome and needs to come back.

Photo Submitted Anonymously
Photo Submitted Anonymously

Then a Christmas miracle happened, I received a photo of my boy on Christmas. Legitimately one of the greatest things I have ever received on Christmas. Dumpster Rick has not been painted over, thank you baby Jesus for this miracle on your birthday.

I was sent this photo anonymously and I truly want to thank this person for finding my boy. He is located at the sanitation station near Lucy Park. I don't think we should go heckling them to go see this thing. Can someone at the sanitation department in Wichita Falls set him free? Please, it's Christmas and this is all I want for Christmas this year.

If you want to keep him there, fine. Please do not paint over him. Someone put some work into this thing and I don't want it erased from history.

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