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Ed Sheeran Look-Alike Has to Live a Lowkey Life

Imagine being mistaken for a celebrity everywhere you go! A man named Ty Jones, who has the same physical features as English singer Ed Sheeran, pays the price every single day. Jones says he has to walk around with security sometimes after being mistaken for Sheeran on the street or at events. The only perk is that he gets into a lot of clubs and parties for free and gets placed in the VIP section. (via NY Post)

Get Ready: Mercury Is in Retrograde

Starting Monday Sept. 27 and running all the way through Oct. 18, the planet of communication, Mercury, will be spinning backwards. For the next few months expect not only your conversations but technology and contracts to go haywire. Expect a lot of things to get lost in translation. It may take multiple back and forth conversations and negotiations to come to a conclusion. (via Yahoo!)

David Letterman Trolls Kevin Durant

Who let David Letterman into the NBA media event? The late night host somehow got in and decided to ask Kevin Durant a bunch of bizarre questions. Let's just say that KD was not amused.

Billie Eilish Yells at Security

Billie Eilish stopped singing in the middle of a performance to tell security to do their job. No one knows what exact they were or were not doing to make her pause her show and scold them, but it must have been serious.

Nick Cannon Wraps Kevin Hart's Plane With His Face

The war between best frenemies Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon continues! To get Hart back for leaking his phone number on a billboard, Cannon snuck into Hart's private hanger and wrapped his plane with his face to promote his new TV show.

25 Celebrities Who Had Tattoo Regret

Celebrities all have different ways of dealing with their regrettable tattoos — from expensive removal procedures to covering up with more ink... or even just living with their mistake(s) and dealing with the consequences.

Discover 25 tattoo regrets, cover-ups and removals, below.

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