Ellie Goulding, her honeyed voice and snazzy fashion sense are the centerpieces of her new video for 'Explosions.' The black and white clip is mostly a mix of performance footage, culled from a bunch of different shows, featuring the adorable and stylish blond singer, belting her heart out, and traveling on the road.

We see the skylines of cities, Goulding hanging out backstage, soundchecking and more. It's a day-in-the-life here and there, but it's mostly of her delivering the emotionally weighty song.

Since the clip is simple, mostly focusing on a performance narrative, we are able to fully appreciate Goulding's powerhouse voice. We also appreciate her fashion sense. She looks so trendy and street fab in her leather boy shorts, a short shift dress and her platform booties.

What a fashion-plate-in-the-making!

This video is, in a word, explosive, without being obvious about it.