Pour one out today for an old friend that always had your back on Friday nights.

You may be reading this saying, Blockbusters are still open? Yes, a handful still does exist throughout our country. Basically, in towns that have awful internet service. Meaning services like Netflix or Hulu are pretty much pointless. So you would still need your local video store.

The final one in Texas was located in Edinburg, which sits just on the Texas/Mexico border south of Corpus Cristi. Sadly, they posted a sign about their liquidation sale, everything must go. As of this Friday, February 2nd, we will no longer have a Blockbuster in Texas. Which is honestly sad in my opinion.

I truly miss walking down the aisles of my Blockbuster on a Friday night. Without Blockbuster, I would have never fallen in love with 'Godzilla' movies like I did when I was a kid. I remember walking down those aisles looking at all the cool covers and picking up a movie just based on the cool artwork.

Remember when if they didn't have the new release the week it came out, you got that movie for free? I don't see Redbox doing that. I will admit, I love Netflix, but Redbox is trash. Yeah, movies are a dollar and boy do people treat them that way. Every time I get one of those cases it looks like someone let their dog use it as a chew toy. Redbox is convenient, but it will NEVER have the lasting memories I had picking out a movie at Blockbuster.

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