Being a kid of the 90's, Jurrasic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time. So when I saw this giant T-rex mask, I had to have it.

My goal for Sunday was to have the most Jurrasic Park day possible. I already watched the first movie Friday night. Sunday, I watched The Lost World, Jurrasic Park 3, and Jurrasic World. In between those movies I went to Dairy Queen and got the Jurrasic World blizzard, it was pretty tasty. I Also went to Wal-Mart to see what kind of 'Jurrasic World' toys they had.

Photo Courtesy of Eric the Intern

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed...until I saw a giant box of dinosaur heads. Yes! I can have a giant T-rex or Blue the Raptor head. Shut up and take my money, Wal-Mart. Sunday night my friend and I pulled up to the Graham Drive-in box office with our masks on to watch the new movie.

Gave the guy working a good laugh and he said, "Two adults?" I told him we were clearly children in these masks and he actually gave me the kid admission price. That dude is awesome, these masks are already paying for themselves. Of course, when you go to the drive-in you need to go to the concession stands. Being the child that I am, I wore my T-rex mask around the drive-in on my walk.

I happened to run into someone I know from Wichita Falls, Alisa Findley. She loved my mask and asked me to go scare her kids who were just a few rows in front of me. I gladly did and gave those kids a good scare when I came around the corner. I only did that because her mom told me to. It was all in good fun though.

I enjoyed the new movie, no spoilers from me, don't worry. Definitely worth a watch and if you want to see it at The Graham Drive-In, they're showing it again this weekend.

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