We Texans are proud of our home. But here’s a not-so-proud moment for the Lone Star State. 

Like so many others, I fell into some unhealthy habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wouldn’t say that I totally let myself go, but I did pack on a few pounds while sitting around the house watching movies, listening to music, and partaking in more alcoholic beverages than I had before.

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And let me tell you, those were some hard habits to break. Not to mention some particularly stubborn pounds to shed. 

Now, over three years later I have returned to my pre-pandemic habits for the most part and as a result, am back down to my pre-pandemic weight. 

After two years of trying in vain to lose the dreaded “Quarantine 15,” I finally found success through intermittent fasting coupled with daily exercise. I won’t go into details of my routine because I’m no fitness expert. So, consult with a trainer and/or doctor prior to starting a new routine.  

But I have talked to many people who are frustrated after gaining weight during the pandemic and are now struggling to lose it. It’s a common problem across the country. And unfortunately, obesity is a very big (no pun intended) problem here in Texas. 

A study conducted by the Trust for America’s Health’s State of Obesity found that Texas was among the most obese states in the country. The Lone Star State is ranked as the 12th worst state for obesity with a rate of 35.8%.

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