This year is the final year for Falls Fest in Wichita Falls. While people enjoy all the fun, games, and live music, there will be one big change this year that some people may not have realized. This year's Falls Fest will be completely smoke free.

In compliance with the city's smoking ban that passed last year, smoking and vaping are not allowed within 20 feet of festival, concert, or play sponsored by the City on City property. This means that even though the festival is outside, the entire grounds of Falls Fest are considered off limits. Anyone caught smoking or vaping on festival grounds could be fined up to $500.

Here's the whole press release from the Wichita Falls Public Information Office:

September 23, 2015
Smoke Free Ordinance Applies to Falls Fest
Wichita Falls, Texas-The Wichita County Public Health District and the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition want to remind everyone attending Falls Fest that this festival is a smoke-free event.  This includes all vaping devices.
The city ordinance, passed on June 17, 2014, reads as follows: Sec. 58-102f, a person commits an offense if a person smokes in or within 20 feet of a (2) festival, concert, or play sponsored by the City on City property. Violations of this ordinance could punishable by a penalty of up to $500 per violation.
The Health District encourages everyone to enjoy all of the wonderful activities, food and concerts during Falls Fest, but also the smoke-free environment.

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