Hopefully this gets resolved cause this is pretty messed up.

Over in Cleveland, Oklahoma, Kristen Boe and her son went to get an Apple Watch at the local Walmart. This happened back on November 30th and they opened the box when they got in the car. The watch wouldn't turn on, but they decided it was just a dead battery. So they put it on the charger and the next day, still doesn't work.

They call Walmart and they said repairs for Apple watches can only be done at an Apple Store. So now, they take their watch to the Apple store and they found out what the problem was. It was a demo watch. Yes, the plastic watches they put out for you to try out that don't actually work.

Kristen has been going up the chain with Walmart for around three weeks now. She has been told the market manager closed the ticket. He’s not going to issue a refund or a return based off of what the store manager had to say," said Boe. She has now taken to Facebook to get her point across and now hundreds of people have seen her story.

All she's looking for is to either exchange it for a real one or get a refund. We will see what happens when more people see this story.

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