When it comes to the Super Bowl, the commercials are just as big of a draw as the game itself. Among the food, beer and celebrity-filled ads was a truly moving commercial for dog food.

Farmer's Dog tugged at the nation's heart strings with a commercial titled, "Forever." For anyone who has every owned a dog, it's 60 seconds of being in your feels as we witness a girl and her dog as they journey through life together.

The commercial opens with a young girl and her new puppy. The two enjoy games and walks together as both grow older. Their bond is unbreakable through each season of life.

Soon, it's time for the young woman to leave for college. She asks her dog if he'll be a good boy for her before she leans in for a long embrace. It's not long before we catch up with the companions — the dog stands by her while she gets married. In the next scene, he gently lays his head on her pregnant tummy.

The final chapter shows the girl — now grown — laying in bed with her snoozing family. Her dog, who's now white in the face, lies in bed with them. The two lock eyes as she sings of loving him forever. The commercial cuts to a montage of the dog's memories of their life together.


"Nothing matters more than more years together," is displayed on the screen before the information for the Farmer's Dog fog is revealed.

According to USA Today, the commercial was the strongest Super Bowl ad among viewers, earning a 6.56 out of 10 in the publication's Ad Meter — now in its 35th year. It beat out the NFL's "Run With It" ad and Amazon's "Saving Sawyer" as the top commercial for the big game.

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