A video is going viral of a fight that broke out at a Wichita Falls middle school yesterday.

On Wednesday afternoon around 12:30, a fight started out at McNeil Middle School between two female students.  According to KFDX, when one of the male teachers saw that a scuffle was going on between the two students, he tried to diffuse the situation.  The fight then escalated when both of the girl’s boyfriends saw the teacher trying to break up the fight.  The two boyfriends then accused the teacher of touching the girl’s inappropriately, and then began to attack the teacher.

After the fight ended all four kids were sent home, and are currently not allowed on campus. The teacher told KFDX, that he was fearful about how kids are acting right now, and that he’s worried that some kids may bring weapons to school.   He also added that he’s also witnessed destructive behavior throughout the school year, such as fires being set in the bathroom and soap dispensers torn from the walls.

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In a written statement that was sent out to parents, the middle school’s Principal Summer Bynum addressed the fight.   She assured parents that the safety of staff and students are the school’s top priority, and that these student’s actions will not be tolerated.  She also added that the students who were involved in the fight will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, and that the matter is being investigated by local law enforcement officials.

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