I'm sure some Sooner or Aggie would love to claim this right. Sorry guys, you're all just imitators to the original.

First, When Did Hook'em Horns Start?

Looks like Head Yell Cheerleader for the Texas Longhorns back in 1955 came up with the hand gesture for the Longhorns. His name was Harley Clark who sadly passed away back in 2014. The Head Yell Cheerleader is responsible for school spirit and boy did Harley come up with something that has been used for decades over in Austin. It wasn't too long after the creation that someone flipped the logo upside down.

Baylor Officially Credited with the First Ever Horns Down

The first known image of horns down that quickly spread across Texas came from a Baylor Bear fan. Texas was the number one seed at the time and were going against 20th seeded Baylor University. It was a very close game, but a moment captured by the Daily Texan during the game launched the horns down symbol across the state of Texas. The Longhorns would win the game, but the horns down symbol has become a tradition to mock the Longhorns ever since.

Horns Down Isn't Going Anywhere

Although the Big 12 has given a penalty for opposing players doing horns down (which I think is stupid by the way). The symbol will be used for eternity I believe and it looks like the Longhorns will have new fan bases using it soon with them joining the SEC. However, just remember it was a fan in Waco that is credited with the first ever 'viral' horns down.

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