When you tell me there's a remake of a cult classic, I'm immediately going to roll my eyes.  Rarely in Hollywood have filmmakers been able to recapture or improve the charm that made the original a classic, but if this trailer is any indication, the remake of "RoboCop" looks to be a remake worth watching.

Set in 2028, the new "RoboCop" once again centers around Detroit police officer Alex Murphy and his battle between being a man and a machine.  OmniCorp is a world-wide conglomerate in robotic technology, using drones in battle scenarios around the world.  Deciding to market their robotics in America, the decision is made to blend man and machine.  After being critically injured in an explosion, Alex Murphy is selected for the unique procedure.  However, unknown to his wife and the general public, the intention of the project is to keep Murphy's free-will hidden, keeping him completely subservient to his programming.  But Murphy's will becomes too much to keep hidden in the programming, and his humanity breaks free.

The original "RoboCop" is an 80s classic, followed by two films most fans would like to forget.  The idea of a remake of the original, especially after set photos depicting Murphy is a sleak black robotic suit, was a scary thought.  But after the casting of names like Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman, and a trailer of this magnitude, I have to admit I'm rather excited to see this.  I love the nods to the original RoboCop design, references that come across as an homage and not poking fun at the legacy.  And the change in story to include Murphy's family in the primary story should make for an interesting and fresh dynamic from what we've already seen in the previous films.



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