Bigfoot hunters claim that Montana is the perfect habitat for Sasquatch. With wide-open spaces and a small human population density, Bigfoot can thrive in Montana. An unlucky driver had a not so funny encounter.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization recently compiled data of all the reported sightings of Bigfoot in the United States. Their data shows which states have the most sightings, and which states you are more likely to have a Bigfoot sighting, compared to the population of your state.

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Bigfoots avoid high-density populations, so even if there are more sightings in a state, a larger population in any area might scare him away from sightseeing spots. You’ll want to check out the more desolate parts of the dense forests to see one yourself.

Montana averages 51 sasquatch sightings each year. Judging by our population, that means you have a 1 in 20,000 chance of seeing Bigfoot in person.

It turns out, Bigfoot may be a little closer to civilization than we think. Recently, a tire shop in Kalispell got a report of a sasquatch causing a flat tire. It was a tire to one of their "loaner" vehicles that they give to customers getting service done on their vehicle. A customer returned to the shop with a spare tire on. The customer told the tire shop that sasquatch caused the car to have a flat. Upon further investigation, the customer was NOT lying.

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