You're not likely to see a home like this anywhere. It's a stone mansion abandoned in the woods that looks like it was inspired by the Flintstones cartoon.

One of the most popular YouTube channels that specializes in exploring abandoned places is BigBankz. Here's what they said about this very recent adventure in the remote woodlands:

We explore an abandoned $2,500,000 Flintstones inspired mansion in the woods. this place was built for a family who owned several funeral homes in the area in the 1970s but was later abandoned in 2010 when the owner passed away and no one from the family lived anywhere near it to take over.

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Inside the home, they found some rooms that appear almost completely desolate.

In one of their overhead drone views, you can see the rounded stone roofing that does look like something Fred or Barney would have chosen for their pre-historic cartoon homes.

BigBankz via YouTube

This living room was likely considered luxurious when the home was occupied over 20 years ago.

BigBankz via YouTube

How odd to see snowman Christmas wrapping paper still remaining in this room.

BigBankz via YouTube

One comment on YouTube gave a very helpful tip about how to determine the age of abandoned homes like this:

Ross Kulma - "One good way to tell the age of a house is by flipping the toilet tank lid over and look for the date stamp on the lid as long as it’s an original toilet you will be close on the age of the house. All toilet tanks are dated."

Dates on toilets?  Good to know. That could come in handy next time we find a stone Flintstones mansion in the woods.

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