How bout them Cowboys!

My only complaint with the NFL Draft is it gets me hyped for football, but the season is so far away. A lot of college athletes were paying attention the past few days to see where they would get drafted. As always, I only care about the Cowboys and they went all defense in the early round. The Boys need some help on defense after putting up the worst average in Dallas Cowboys history in the 2021 season.

In the first three rounds they took a linebacker, two corner backs, a defensive tackle and a defensive end. Another player that was not drafted by the Boys, but did sign an undrafted free agent deal with the Cowboys is T.J. Vasher. Vasher has been a Red Raider the past few years over at Texas Tech. Here in Wichita Falls, you may remember him as a Rider Raider from 2012-2016.

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He finished his career at Texas Tech with 1,983 yards and 21 touchdowns. He told KFDX, “I’m just blessed for the opportunity. I’m ready to go to work and chase a lifelong dream.” Me being a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I can't wait for the season to kick off. It's pretty cool that we have a Wichita Falls connection for the team and I'm sure he has the support of Rider Nation behind him.

Looks like rookies will report for training camp on July 21st. The Cowboys will also have the first preseason game of the year that will be nationally televised. The Hall of Fame game is scheduled for August 5th against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully, T.J. gets to play a few snaps and get some time on the field.

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