While celebrating the Army's 240th birthday, Fox host Pete HegSeth threw an axe, missed his target, and hit West Point drummer Jeff Prosperie instead!

This violates one of the core rules of safety. Know your target, and know what is behind your target.

Fortunately, with the exception of a bruised elbow and some small cuts, drummer Prosperie is fine. He posted this shortly after to his Facebook page

I was hit by an axe while performing a drum solo live on National TV.....words I never imagined saying! This happened last Sunday and I have been reluctant to post but starting to receive inquiries from concerned family and friends. I am thankful to God that the double sided blade only hit broadside on the outer elbow with significant impact and a couple of cuts as it fell along my wrist. It could have been much worse or fatal. Focusing on full physical and emotional recovery.

In other news, I'm fairly sure the other 'not real' news channel, MSNBC reported the incident as "Fox Anchor Attacks Military Drummer With Axe"... but that's ok. It's their job.