Parents if you're looking for something for the kiddos to do this summer. Go spend some time in downtown Wichita Falls.

Ever Been to the ArtZeum?

Every summer the Kemp Center for the Arts has an exhibit for kids and their families to come check out called the ArtZeum. It's a great way for kids to learn about art, while getting to play. They have a bunch of different stations to check out. So if you need something to do for a few hours, why not check it out?

2023 Theme?

Every year, the ArtZeum changes the theme that way kids coming back year after year can experience something new. This year, the theme is farm animals and they have some photography exhibits to go along with the theme as well.

Photos from Last Year's ArtZeum

When Can You Go to the ArtZeum?

The exhibit officially opens up on June 9th and will run to August 12th. The hours for the Kemp Center for the Arts are Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM and on Saturdays from 10AM-4PM. They're closed Sundays, but the best part is, you can just show up to check it out. No reservations are required and once again this is completely free for everybody.

Where is the Kemp Center for the Arts?

Just in case you have never been before, they're located at 1300 Lamar Street in downtown Wichita Falls. The Kemp Center for the Arts has many other exhibits to check out this summer, for a full schedule, check out their website. Let me know if any other cool free events are happening for kids this summer in Wichita Falls.

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