Baseball is back! If you're a Texas Rangers fan, you already know where you'll be at 3:05 this afternoon when the Rangers and the Mariners throw out their first pitch for opening day. To celebrate the start of the season (and being an official sponsor of the MLB) T-Mobile is making it easy and free for you to never miss a single inning this season.

Now through April 10th, T-Mobile is giving their customers a free, year-long MLB.TV Premium Subscription. This is the package that normally would cost you $109 upfront (or $24.99 per month) and lets you watch every single out of market game from all 30 MLB teams. There's no charge to you, and through T-Mobile's Binge On plan, it won't even use your data when you stream the games. The best part is, you can use the same login on any device once you activate the subscription.

It's really easy to get signed up and start taking advantage of this perk. There's only 3 steps involved. First, you have to be a current T-Mobile customer (obviously) and make sure your phone is on the network (not on wi-fi) at the time. Second. Download the MLB.TV app and create your account. Don't sign up for any subscriptions or pay anything, just make sure you have a login name and password. Finally, go to and sign in to your MLB.TV account. Boom! You now have access to all streaming game for free!

Make sure you get signed up by April 10th or you'll miss out. This offer is only valid for T-Mobile customers. You can get more info at