Kate Beckinsale, referred to by J-Si as his spirit animal, joined the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show today. She talked to us about her “Underworld: Blood Wars” movie and her love of pranks.

Kate is open in discussing her unexpected venture into action films, far from her sensibilities prior as an actress as well as the courage it took her to experience this unknown niche that just comes along with making a film of this sort. Kate is candid in talking about growing up in a family with four brothers, pranks were just a part of life and she is totally successful in pulling one over on her costar, Theo.

Let's just say Theo, has a known phobia of weasels and while filming in Prague she managed to find a ferret and pass it off as a weasel to the point that Theo actually had crew members lining up to adopt this furry little friend.

Check out the interview below and learn so much more about Kate and the fun she had making this new film.

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