We know they exist although one has never been recorded on video, until now! A team of researchers of the coast of Japan submerged themselves a half mile into the ocean and waited and waited and waited. In fact it took them around 100 dives until they finally got what they wanted, a video of a giant squid in it's natural habitat. And the news gets even better. You don't have to wait until January 27th to see it on the Discovery Channel because we have to video right here! Scientist say the squid is small compared to other giant squids (the biggest one ever caught was 59 feet) and it was missing its characteristic two longest tentacles – and scientists don’t know why. Marine biologists said that if the pair of tentacles had been there, the creature could have measured up to 23 feet in length. Even if that was a small squid it's still enough calamari to feed a whole town.

It wasn't easy to catch this animal on film though, since these creatures of the deep are kind of shy. Japanese zoologist Tsunemi Kubodera told NBC News, "A giant squid would never appear before a pool of light, that possibility is extremely slim.That's why we had to use lights that they wouldn't be able to detect. In fact, they're lights even humans wouldn't be able to see either."

“If you try to approach making a lot of noise, using bright lights, then the squid won't come anywhere near you," he added. “So we sat there in the pitch black, using a near-infrared light invisible even to the human eye, waiting for the giant to approach.''

Now most of us have heard the legends and stories of giant squids attacking boats and whales but who do you think would really win between a giant squid a sperm whale? After watching the video (keep in mind this one is not a real video) I still think the squid could win although it would be an amazing fight, one I might even pay fifty bucks to watch on pay-per-view.