I think of Wichita Falls as a pretty quiet town, but maybe it's just my neighborhood.

A new map released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows just how noisy the areas around the country are. Of course, I had to check out our neck of the woods and Wichita Falls does have some 'hot spots.'

The different colors represent average decibel levels in that area. If you're worried about losing your hearing, don't panic. The average decibel level in Wichita Falls is in the orange, about 40-50 decibels, which according to the Bureau, is the same amount of decibels you would hear in a quiet office.

Bureau of Transportation
Bureau of Transportation

Blue represents the areas that are the loudest around town, which is between 90 and 95 decibels - roughly as loud as a running garbage disposal. In Wichita Falls, the blue only pops up near, not shockingly, Sheppard Air Force base. The red and pink areas are located near major highways, which is obviously going to have some major noise to go along with it.

Keep in mind this map only factors in air and road traffic, so those yappy neighborhood dogs, and the upstairs neighbor stomping around in his boots aren't in play here.

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