Selena Gomez was selected one of the Women of the Year by Glamour magazine and appears on the cover of the December issue as part of that accolade. She is festive in a champagne-hued dress and red lips, surrounded by red balloons, looking like she's having a good time. Turns out that Sel was over the moon about being bestowed such an honor.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, where we see the 'Who Says' singer primping and trying to keep those red balloons out of her face, she spoke about what this recognition means to her, and of course gave props to her team in the process.

"I didn't even know I was a woman, which is crazy to think about, because I am 20 years old. I still feel young at heart," the just-outta-her-teens singer/actress said. "It's an extreme honor, since I am all over the place, so when I have people notice the hard work, not just that I do, but everyone who is a part of my team, who helps me do what I love. So when that's acknowledged, I am honored."

Taylor Swift
, who is one of Gomez's besties, praised -- more like gushed over -- her, saying Sel is her "most fun, spontaneous and energetic friend, who is always up for an adventure." But Gomez can still lend her ear in tough times. According to T. Swizzle, Gomez has a game plan, has targets and is going to hit them." Swift also says that Gomez can imagine something she wants in her mind and then reach up and grab it. She's that kinda go-getter.

No wonder these two are BFFs! They are exactly alike, just with different hair colors!