Did you ever want to know what it feels like to be a goat, one of the Internet's most revered creatures? Wonder no more, because Goat Simulator is being released soon.

Get ready to play one of the most ridiculous games of your life, ladies and gentlemen. Goat Simulator, from the whacked out minds at Coffee Stain Studios, are bringing the full game to you on April 1. Yes, that's April Fool's Day, but we assure you that this is no joke.

The game started out as a game jam project, but quickly garnered popularity because of its hilarious concept. You play as a goat and run around, getting into all kinds of physics-based shenanigans. There are trampolines, things to crash through and an all-new Lick feature that allows objects to stick to your goat's tongue when licked. Have you ever seen a goat with an axe on on its tongue chasing after some dudes? You will in Goat Simulator.

Watch the trailer above and pre-order it here for PC to get it three days before the release date on April 1.